Sunday, September 9, 2012

Back to School and New Unit

Sorry for the lack of posts! School started a few weeks ago and I am absolutely in love with my class! I have 13 girls and 3 boys. Yes, 13 girls! Last year was the complete opposite, I had a class full of boys. I am looking forward to all the girlie things I can do with my class this year. Although, I won't forget about my 3 boys!

The other (FABULOUS) 2nd grade teacher I work with saw this cute idea for a door on pinterest (of course!). We stayed late one night to turn her vision into reality. Here is our final product. I think it is my favorite door creation we have ever made! 

(Sorry, the pictures are not that great. They are from my phone.) 

The first two weeks of school went by so fast! We enjoyed the fun activities in Abby's Super in Second packet. We also completed a Kevin Henkes author study. His books are perfect for character development during the first weeks of school. 

Along with our Kevin Henkes study, we worked on the Miss Daisy is Crazy unit I created to go along with the book by Dan Gutman. The book was assigned to our students for summer reading. The packet includes reading, writing, and math activities. You can check it out on my tpt store here.

I hope everyone out there is having a wonderful start to the school year!