Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Word Study and Freebies

My teaching partner and I developed our word study program based off of Beth Newingham’s word study. You can find the details of her program on her Scholastic page.

 Word Study Program

On Monday, students are given a pretest using the spelling pattern we will be introducing that week. Students who are able to spell at least thirteen out of fifteen words correctly on the pretest receive an alternate list. We want students to be challenged instead of studying words they already know. The second list is a usually a challenge list. There are some patterns, like contractions for example, where the second list isn’t necessarily “challenging." However, it does give the students an opportunity to learn new words instead of studying words they already know.

We also choose five new pattern words to give on Friday during the assessment. These words are not formally given on the word list, but they are used throughout the week in word sorts, word work, and other centers. I feel that by including these new pattern words, it really shows if the student understands the spelling pattern and how to apply it. 

Here is a freebie for you to start the year! This packet includes the word lists for Unit 1 of 2nd Grade Reading Street 2008. Each spelling pattern has 2 word lists of 15 words and 5 new pattern words. You can still use these lists even if you do not use Reading Street. Most curriculums for 2nd grade use these spelling patterns. Here are the spelling patterns it includes:

- Short Vowels
- Long Vowels
-Consonant Blends
-Inflected Endings
-Consonant Digraphs

The packet also includes the lists in a “planner format.” I have my students glue this list in their planner instead of writing the words. This way they always have a list with the words spelled correctly.
Click on the image below to download this packet from my TPT store for FREE.

Here is the assessment form I use for word study. I do not use the sentence dictation on the back until later on in the year. Click on the image below to download this form from my TPT store for FREE. 

Each week students are assigned 3 word study activities to complete for homework. They can choose any 3 activities from the list they keep in their word study spiral. I have tried different ways of assigning word study homework, and I feel that this creates the most interest and motivation for my students in completing their homework. I compiled the list of activities from different ideas I have seen. Click on the image below to download this list from my TPT store for FREE.

You can also purchase a packet of word sorts that go along with this word study unit from my TPT store.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Also, I checked and double checked all of these documents, but after looking so many times everything starts looking the same. If you see any errors please let me know and I will fix them as soon as I can. 

Thank you!


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